Monday, October 11, 2010

The Road to Recovery

As the doctor warned, I would feel like I could do more than I should.  It's almost disappointing that I feel this good.  You know, I was expecting more time to milk it!  There is really no pain to speak of.  I took tylenol for the first day but that's it.  There is a bit of soreness where Dr. K removed the 4 lymph nodes, but it is really very minimal.  I have some basic exercises I have to do 3 times times a day just to keep things moving and stretch out a bit.

Saturday was a big day because I got to take my first shower.  Dr. K stitched the 2 incisions from the inside (not really sure how that works) and then sealed them with a surgical glue on the outside so everything is waterproof.  I don't even have any bandages.  I do have extremely limited use of my left arm so I did need some assistance from Brad post shower.  He's considering taking his entrepreneurial efforts in the direction Salon de Bradley!  He and I took a tag team approach to blow drying my hair.  I style with my right arm and he wields the blow dryer.  After 3 days, he is becoming quite proficient!  Though my hair has had better "hair days", it's presentable to the public and I don't feel too out of sorts.  And Brad has also mastered the art of the pony tail!

So far I'm feeling really good.  Granted I'm not out at the gym or anything, but I have been making at least one daily outing.  Friday we went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast, Saturday was a big day and we went to Target, Home Depot and Barnes and Noble and stopped for quick lunch.  I admit I was little worn out, but came home and rested on the couch for the next 5 hours where I watched a couple of netflix movies. 

Early Saturday evening my first visitor arrived.  Mom came down and spent the night and hung out with me on Sunday too.  We went to my favorite local Italian restaurant for dinner on Saturday and Sunday Mom helped me with a project that I started about 10 months ago.  Back in January I bought several rustic picture frames with the intention of filling them with my own photography.  I have a blank spot on the living room wall where a cluster of photos is begging to be hung up.  We selected 11 different photo options from the computer (mostly nature inspired) and then headed down to FedEx Kinkos to print them off of a flash drive.  We made a quick stop at Aaron Brothers to pick up some mats for the photos and then spent the afternoon deciding which 5 photos to use.  The photos are all in their frames now and sitting on my living room floor in the configuration in which I would like them to go up on the wall.  So guess who has a fun project for this afternoon?  I figure I might as well accomplish some things if I'm stuck at home!  And Brad is accomplishing them too, whether he wants to or not! 

Not sure where today's outing will be.  The weather has been quite warm, in the high 80's.  We might catch a movie or perhaps I can talk Brad into an hour at the beach enjoying the warm sun and the crashing waves.

I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks to all my family and friends who have emailed, called, texted, sent cards and of course the beautiful flowers pictured on today's post.  I can't tell you how much it means to me.  Your warm wishes and good cheer have brightened my days. 

I will post an update on Thursday after the follow up with Dr. K on Wednesday. 

Talk to you soon!


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  1. I wish I could give you a hug through the computer monitor! I love your energy and enthusiasm. Congratulations for the surgery being a success and I hope your road to full recovery is a speedy one. I also hope you keep writing and sharing =).

    Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my blog. Baking/cooking/BBQ'ing are all stress relievers and a passion that makes my world go around, Shandy